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Our Story

Welcome to the vibrant world of GINTUTU! Meet our spirited cartoon character, Ginny the Curious Bunny. She's not your average rabbit – she's a curious explorer with a daring streak. When she's not busy designing her own trendy wear, she's out on a grand adventure, seeking out life's delightful treasures. Think of her as a stylish detective, on a mission to banish dullness from life!


But wait, there's more! Introducing Zeba'Jouer, our dynamic company with a mantra that goes: "Stay simple, Stay style." We're not just any brand – we're the proud architects of hip and happening T-shirts that embody your individuality. We've got fashion in our DNA and simplicity in our soul.


Picture this: Ginny the Curious Bunny donning a Zeba'Jouer tee, strutting around town like the coolest undercover trendsetter. It's as if she's on a quest to rescue us from the clutches of monotony, armed with a keen eye for fun, functional, and fabulous things.


So, while others merely tread the path of ordinary, we're turning life into a thrilling treasure hunt. Join us, as we redefine style with a dash of adventure, and remind you – staying simple has never been this stylish!

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